Yinson trusts Agtiv PULZ Electronic Document Control solution

Yinson has been using our document control solution to manage their FPSO projects documents since 2019, and recently extended PULZ usage to their corporate documentation.

PULZ Document control has enabled Yinson teams globally to address challenges related to circulation, tracking, review and approval of very high volume of deliverables and transactions between contractors, project team members, clients, and classification bodies. Being so much more than a document management solution, PULZ has allowed to regain control, remove bottlenecks, reduce turn over time needed to distribute, review and comment on documents, thanks to an effective distribution matrix system, robust electronic workflows, bulk actions and collaboration with external parties’ features. PULZ also integrates with the company ERP to provide a comprehensive and centralized experience to users.

On the corporate documents management side, PULZ has been implemented with a dedicated publishing portal to ensure the most simple, secured, and user-friendly experience.

Both Agtiv and ProjectAppServices teams thank Yinson for their trust and fruitful collaboration over the years.

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