Your Solution to Turn Mobile!

We are pioneer in the Oil & Gas and Marine industries with our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile concept.

Implemented within a few days, MobiProjects suite of simple mobile applications is:

  • mobile data capture fully suited to site work condition,
  • easily customizable to your process and needs,
  • complemented with a web interface - instant update of dashboards, powerful analytics and lots of additional features!

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Our Other Products

Project Document Control

Agtiv ECDS is an easy-to-implement add-on to Sharepoint that enables all functionalities of Project Document Control and Correspondence Management. The result of 8 years + or evolution it is proven and has been deployed in global companies executing large complex projects.

Commissioning App

CMOS, a new generation commissioning and completions tool with a great interface. Particularly suited to brownfield works.


MySurvey is a new application for the intuitive processing of the results of a 3D laser scanner survey. On the basis of panoramic views, the user can inspect the installation concerned, append annotations, take various measurements and undertake the modelling of pipework.

Project Management

Easy-to-implement Project Management systems and document sharing systems, which can be customized to your processes

New Products

We are constantly looking for new platforms that can be customized to be suited to Project Execution needs. Have an idea? Contact us!