A Totally New Concept of EDCS

Traditional enterprise electronic document control systems are expensive, complicated and require long development time to build and deploy the whole system which fit in oil and gas field. AGTIV eDCS changes this model by providing a powerful yet easy to use solution to help business establish a smooth document tracking and managing process. 

Master Document Register

  • Every Document At Your Fingertip
    We must get information quick to act quick, our solution can easily locate the document from the master document register by using the grouping, searching, sorting and filtering function.
  • Trusted & Secure
    Our solution offer document level security, if you have uploaded some contract or confidential information, set it to confidential so that that only restricted group of people can see it.
  • Set It In Your Own Reporting Views
    Our solution offer flexibility to project team member to configure public or personal report view on how to display the documents. You can have view by discipline, view by document type, view by document status, show my document only and many more.

Workflow Automation

  • Review & Approval Process
    Document controller can route a document for a group of reviewers for parallel review or to checker verifier and final approver for approval.
  • Notification & Reminder
    All approval tasks will have immediate email notification as well as due date reminder. Ensure you don’t miss any single document or task due date.
  • Out Of Office
    If a reviewer or approver is out of office, he can always delegate his task to his colleague to act on behalf because project schedule will not pause when someone is away.
  • Audit Trail
    Always be able to track the status of a document, people who are approving/ reviewing the document and the task status.

Transmittal Module

  • Automated Numbering
    Generate the transmittal number automatically and each project can have different format of the transmittal numbering to meet different client requirement.
  • Tracking & Searching
    All outgoing and incoming transmittal is tracked in the system with date issued/received, review code, RFI, etc. User can easily retrieve these information from the system and track all the pending transmittal responses so project can response on time.
  • Document Template Automation
    Automatically generate transmittal document in word format based on the information filled in the e-Form and email to third party. Each project can have different document template to fit different project need.

Automated Reporting

  • Full Overview Report
    A detail report to list all the MDR with all the latest revision, status, progress and planning details being showed.
  • Overdue Report
    This serve as an important list to clear all the project backlog to avoid project being delayed. It highlights all the overdue documents for IFC, IFR or AFC as well as all the overdue transmittal responses from your client or contractors.
  • Look Ahead Report
    Good to know what is overdue but it is even better to know what is going to due so we can plan ahead, this report highlights all the documents or transmittal responses that is due within two weeks.

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