SapuraAcergy just signs-up for a MobiProjects App solution!

ProjectAppservices is pleased to announce the award from SapuraAcergy Sdn Bhd for the provision of a new mobile solution for its Badamyar project, based on its MobiProjects product.

MobiProjectsSapuraAcergy intends to manage all the Project logistic and operational commitments through the newly designed LogiQuest App. This new innovative mobile solution will allow the Operational team to raise their logistic request from multiple countries on-the-go and for the Project management team to control instantaneously the commitments with suppliers in a centralized tool.

ProjectAppservices is involved on all industries involving large construction projects such as Oil & Gas, FPSO, Marine, Mining, Nuclear & Conventional Power plants. ProjectAppServices mission is to create significant value for its Clients by selecting and deploying specialized apps or software in Project environments.