Platform Providers

ProjectAppServices partners with platform providers and devises adapted customization and parametrizations to best serve our Clients when they perform their Projects.

Novade and Upvise

Novade provides specific mobile applications for the construction industry with a substantial track record. They are the basis for our MobiProjects products for Oil & Gas.

Upvise pioneered cloud-based generic platforms for mobile applications. They are the basis for our MobiProjects products for the Marine industry.


Projecteering provides easy-to-implement Sharepoint-based solutions for project management processes and project management documentation management. It provides ready-to-use out of the box Project Management processes that are compliant with Project Management standards.



Lorient-Technologies is a newcomer on the market for commissioning and completions software. Its new software Cosmos is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for commissioning for all types of construction projects, with a particular strength on brownfield work.


...New Partners Coming!

Stay tuned as we develop ever more exciting partnerships with systems platforms that promise substantial gains and savings for Projects!


Consulting & Personnel Supply

ProjectAppServices draws the best from our strategic partnership with Project Value Delivery, a leading consulting organization for Large and Complex Projects.

ProjectAppServices also partners with specialized service providers on some specific fields so as to provide our Clients an integrated solution, including personnel when it is needed.

Project Value Delivery

Project Value Delivery is a leading consultancy in the field of Project Management and Project Controls for Large, Complex Projects.

First Commissioning Services

First Commissioning Services provides commissioning expertise worldwide for oil & gas projects.

And more coming...